Upcoming Talks & Events

  • September 2019: “Individualism and Communitarianism in Aesthetics: Reflections on Dominic McIver Lopes’s Being for Beauty: Aesthetic Agency and Value, British Society of Aesthetics Annual Meeting, Oxford University, UK

  • October 2019: “Invitation and Aesthetic Communication,” American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

  • November 2019: Various Talks at Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas

Recent Talks & Events

  • July 2019: “Invitation and Aesthetic Testimony: Preliminary Thoughts,” CAMP AESTHETICS, Utah

  • June 2019: Panel on aesthetics and morality with Vid Simoniti and Sarah Hegenbart at the Company of Ideas forum, Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park, Hornby Island (Canada)

  • June 2019: PHILOsurfer Convergence, “Being Awesome, Getting Stoked,” with Aaron James, Del Mar, CA

  • May 2019: “Artistic Style as the Expression of Ideals,” with Robert Hopkins, Harvard-NYU Aesthetic Normativity Workshop, Cambridge

  • May 2019: “Schiller on Freedom and Aesthetic Value,” UCSD History of Philosophy Reading GroupMarch 2019: “Aesthetic Judgments as Invitations,” London Aesthetics Forum, London

  • April 2019: Author-Meets-Critics Session on my paper “Personal Ideals as Metaphors” (Journal of the American Philosophical Association), with comments from Cheshire Calhoun and Jeremy Fischer, Pacific APA Meeting, Vancouver

  • March 2019: Residency at the University of Leeds, Centre for Aesthetics

    • Philosophy and/of Cocktails, with Aaron Meskin and Louise Richardson, Below Stairs Bar, March 4

    • On Being Awesome book event at the Hyde Park Book Club, March 5

    • “Aesthetic Judgments as Invitations,” Centre for Aesthetics Seminar, University of Leeds, March 6

  • March 2019: Uppsala University, Sweden

    • “Aesthetic Judgments as Invitations,” Uppsala Research Seminar

    • “Invitation and Aesthetic Communication,” Uppsala Aesthetics Workshop

  • December 2018: “Schiller on Aesthetic Value and Human Freedom,” with Samantha Matherne, Harvard European Philosophy Workshop, Cambridge

  • November 2018: Southern California Student Conference in Aesthetics, Co-organized with Clinton Tolley, University of San Diego

  • November 2018: “Transformative Expression,” Yale Workshop on Experience and Transformation, New Haven