SoCal Aesthetics Forum

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 The Southern California Aesthetics Forum (@aesthetics_so) hosts workshops, discussions, and lectures in aesthetics. Our events are free, open to all, and take place in various locations around Southern California. For details about each event, sign up for our mailing list below, and get in touch if you want to share work:

Upcoming and Recent Events

  • July 30 2019: Julianne Chung, “Personal Ideals as Exemplars” and Clinton Tolley, "José Vasconcelos, Mexican Muralism, and the Philosophy of Culture"

  • May 3 2019: Nick Riggle, “Schiller on Freedom and Aesthetic Value”

  • April 8 2019: Jonathan Gingerich, "Liberal Equality, Neutrality, and Culture" & Nick Riggle, “Invitation and Aesthetic Discourse”

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